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When people ask me what the word "love" means for me, I'm stuck, I cannot answer, because I say it spontaneously, emotionally and I cannot explain. I cannot explain, because for me It's the first of all feeling.
Everybody understands it in their own ways. Some people dream about it, some people already got to know what it is and try to run from it, try to reject it, to forget, because they were rejected earlier.
Love gives life to connection to somebody's life... I mean when we fall in love we get full of desire and we want something unreal that will make us unfree from inside... We kind of blind ourselves to another person, their life. And all this - because of our own culture, I can say.
Sometimes it happens that people meet each other and keep each other save... care about each other. and they become so close that it seems like they've known each other forever. And they are together all the time. And days, and weeks, and months, and years later they are still together and their eyes...there is a small pretty kind of fire in their eyes.
I think nowdays everyone would like to have the same feeling inside of their hearts. But nowdays people are scared. They want to get only sweets, and to have everything to be perfect, and without any negative sides. The results are usually - abortions, divorces, suicides and other stupid (!!!) things... though the medicine for it is old as the world...*
Love moves the world.
Love is a light that shows your way. And if there is no light the way gets harder and harder.  Freud called it the longing to life, longing to death... And those two longings are like a "plus" and a "minus". They always try to get together and break up again didn't even touch each other. And in the same time they're the same, and that moving - and makes that energy that makes everything to swirl, to go round and round... and It's an engine that never stops and It's also love.

make love, not war  :heart: